PostHigh Availability Basics – What SQL Server Cannot Do For You

Ever since I started doing these weekly Q&A sessions, I noticed a trend on the questions that people submit using the online form. More often than not, the questions fall under the “HOW” category.


Sure, as technology professionals, we get paid to DO the work. So, it makes sense to know the HOW. I myself was obsessed about the HOW in the early days of my career.


Over time, my philosophy shifted to starting with the WHY. It doesn’t make sense to be very good at doing the HOW if you don’t even know the WHY. And I’ve worked with hundreds of projects in the past where we had to redesign the solution because it did not meet the business goals.


This video covers the basics of high availability and all the things that SQL Server cannot do for you. Despite the bells and whistles that Microsoft brag about the different SQL Server high availability technologies, it CANNOT (and will NEVER be able to) do these for you.


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