PostThis week on the Practical SQL Server HA/DR Show – Monitoring HA Solutions

I decided to focus on a theme every week for the Practical SQL Server HA/DR Show. This week’s theme – Monitoring HA Solutions.


I couldn’t count the number of times that I’ve seen customer environments running complex and expensive Always On Availability Groups yet don’t have a monitoring solution. I don’t understand how someone would invest in a very expensive high availability solution and not monitor it. It’s just like buying a sports car without a fuel or temperature gauge.  You know you’re driving fast. You just don’t know for how long.


Monitoring an HA solution is one thing. Making sure that what you are monitoring makes sense is another. I know you’ve had your fair share of doing a Ctrl+A, Shift+Delete on all the email alerts you received from your monitoring tools. Not because you don’t care about them. It’s because it’s overwhelming that you don’t know how to deal with them.  That’s no different from not having a monitoring tool. The car you drive does not have 35 gauges and meters for a reason. The only ones that are visible are those that you need while driving – speedometer, tachometer, temperature meter, and fuel gauge. The same is true when monitoring your HA solutions.


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