PostVideo: How To Simplify Installation and Configuration of a 2-node Multi-Subnet/Geographically Dispersed SQL Server (2012 and higher) Failover Clustered Instance

In a previous blog post, I’ve demonstrated how to install and configure a 2-node SQL Server 2012 failover clustered instance (FCI.) As a follow-up, below is a video on how to install and configure a multi-subnet/geographically dispersed SQL Server 2012 (and higher) FCI. When SQL Server 2012 introduced the support for multi-subnet clustering, there have been a lot of design architectures that involved its implementation – ranging from pure FCIs with multiple nodes for both HA and DR to a combination of  FCI and Availability Groups (AG) solution.

In this video, we will build a 2-node SQL Server failover clustered instance that spans across multiple geographical locations. We will also look at the different network configurations and considerations when implementing such a solution. The network configuration apply whether you are implementing an FCI or an AG. The reference architecture is available on this article that I’ve written way back in 2012. Feel free to reach out if you have questions regarding the video.

NOTE: This is not a recommended configuration. I just provided this as an illustration to show you how to configure a multi-subnet FCI. In the real world, you first need to configure local high availability with nodes in the same network subnet/data center before you configure nodes in a different network subnet/data center.

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