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PostVideo: Simplify Installation of a 2-node SQL Server Failover Clustered Instance on Windows Server 2012 (and higher versions)

I like writing step-by-step guides because they make good documentation for folks like me who keep forgetting how to do things. The guide makes the process repeatable and can easily be shared with junior members of your team. But with the different ways we consume information nowadays, written documentation does not suffice anymore. Besides, providing different […]

PostSo, You Think Your SQL Server Always On Availability Group Is Really Highly Available?

This is a question that I regularly ask those attending my high availability and disaster recovery presentations: is your SQL Server Always On Availability Group really highly available? Now, don’t get me wrong. I love the Always On Availability Groups feature in SQL Server (except for the price tag of an Enterprise Edition license.) But there’s […]

PostInstalling, Configuring and Managing Windows Server Failover Cluster using PowerShell Series

Last year, I started writing an article that was supposed to be a series for Installing, Configuring and Managing Windows Server Failover Cluster using Windows PowerShell. The first of the series came out on July 2013 (which ended up being the last article I wrote for the year 2013 on MSSQLTips.com.) Since then, I’ve been involved […]

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