PostThis week on the Practical SQL Server HA/DR Show – Patching and Maintaining HA Solutions

I decided to focus on a theme every week for the Practical SQL Server HA/DR Show. This week’s theme – Patching and Maintaining HA Solutions.


Regular care and feeding of digital assets – servers, apps, platforms, etc. – is essential to keeping them up and running. Hotfixes and patches are being released on a regular basis much faster than we can handle them. That’s why most tech professionals treat installing hotfixes and patches like installing updates on their smart devices. They just click the Accept button and proceed with the update (how many people actually read the fine print on the updates before installing them?)


You cannot do that with high availability solutions. The more complex something is, the more attention it needs. And it’s never a one-man show. From you, the DBA, the Windows sysadmin, the network admin, the Active Directory admins, the application developers, etc. Everyone has a part to play to make sure updating an HA solution does not cause a longer-than-expected outage.


I’ll be doing this on a weekly basis so make sure you keep an eye out for announcements on my social media profiles (LinkedIn | Twitter | YouTube)



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