PostEnd-to-End SQL Server High Availability and Disaster Recovery

High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HA/DR) is an area that every SQL Server DBA needs to be comfortable with, especially when dealing with mission-critical database systems. One cannot wait until a real disaster strikes before learning how to deal with it. This advanced, deep-dive course is designed for SQL Server DBAs and system administrators to tackle the challenges of designing and implementing a high availability and disaster recovery solutions from the ground up. The course covers how non-technology aspects need to drive a solid high availability and disaster recovery solution, what the different features and technologies are available to us in different versions and editions of SQL Server and how they can be implemented. From concepts covered in
lectures to hands-on labs, attendees will get to experience how to implement the features covered in the course. This course is designed, created and delivered by SQL Server MVP, Microsoft Certified Master, author and consultant Edwin Sarmiento.

Course Prerequisites

In order to fully appreciate this course, attendees need to have

  • A working knowledge of basic relational database concepts
  • Experience with administering and managing a SQL Server instance
  • Basic knowledge of the Windows Server 2008 and higher server operating system

Course Objectives

With focus on versions from SQL Server 2005 and higher running on Windows Server 2008 and higher, this course aims to provide the fundamentals of what it takes to design, implement and maintain a SQL Server High Availability and Disaster Recovery solution. At the end of the course, SQL Server DBAs and system administrators will be able to correctly define recovery objectives
that align with the business requirements, pick and choose the appropriate technology feature to implement and build the appropriate framework for supporting the solution.

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